Melis – An Apprentice Life

An Apprentice Life:

Here is another blog about how one of our Apprentices are finding the ‘Apprentice Life. The apprentice that is going to express their ‘Apprentice Life’ is Jessica Tunani who works for us (KTG) as a ‘Sales and Marketing Apprentice’.

What is your name? – Melis Emin
How old are you? – 18
How long have you been doing your Apprenticeship? – I have been doing my apprenticeship since December 21st, 2016.
How are you finding your Apprenticeship with KTG? – I am finding my apprenticeship helpful and enjoyable. I have developed a lot of skills and have improved dramatically on my creative, communication skills and confidence. This has also benefitted the company as my creativity has reflected on my day to day roles.

What does your role ‘Business Development Apprentice’ involve?
My role is a Sales and Marketing Executive. I manage all social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn, YouTube and advertising all our promotions regarding what we offer and special deals. I also create the campaigns/projects to then deliver to end users and new prospects. Alongside Marketing, I deal with clients and their technical problems. For example- phone systems not connecting, unable to make call transfers, diverting numbers etc.

What skills have you enhanced during your Apprenticeship? – Before starting my apprenticeship I was already experienced in using Photoshop, All Social media channels, and Great communication skills. During my Apprenticeship, I have enhanced my Digital Marketing skills, Great Communication skills, Creative skills like Photoshop even further.

Would you recommend anyone from the age of 16 -24 to do an apprenticeship?
I recommend anyone from the age of 16 – 24 to do an apprenticeship because I believe it enables young adults to develop their own personal skills and build a professional manner. I believe an apprenticeship is a way forward as you gain a qualification as well as experience. It also provides a fast track to reach your career goal.
Thank You

As you can see Melis is enjoying her apprenticeship and the way it looks for her is that she is going to progress in the future.
If you are inspired by Melis’s experience as an apprentice and you want to do an apprenticeship in Business Admin, Customer Service, IT, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Team Leading, Health and Social Care and Management, please call KTG on 0203 020 1529 or email your CV to