Jessica -An Apprentice Life

An Apprentice Life:

Here is a weekly blog about how one of our Apprentices are finding the ‘Apprentice Life. The apprentice that is going to express their ‘Apprentice Life’ is Jessica Tunani who works for 4ward Communcations as a ‘Business Account Manager Apprentice’.

What is your name? – Jessica Tunani
How old are you? – 18
How long have you been doing your Apprenticeship? – I have been doing my apprenticeship for 2 months, I started on the January 23rd.
How are you finding your Apprenticeship? – i am finding my apprentice very fun and interesting because every day there is something to deal with and everyday i am always occupied.
What does your role ‘Business account manager’ involve?
My role as a business account manager involves speaking to customers and ensuring that everything is alright with the products and services that we have provided. as ideal with the financial side i have to make sure that customers have paid off their bills, i do this by checking the billing system to see how much they owe us, and when was the last time they have received an invoice.
What skills have you enhanced during your Apprenticeship? – during my time as an apprentice I have enhanced my communication, creativity, and focus skills. I had these skills before starting my apprenticeship, but through my apprenticeship I could take it to another level.

Would you be recommending anyone from the age of 16 -24 to do an apprenticeship? And why?
I surely would because believe many other young people my age group will benefit as you learn, gain experience with is very vital in the world that we live in today. on top of that you gain a qualification and earn money at the same time.

As you can see Jessica is enjoying her apprenticeship and the way it looks for her is that she is only thing that is going to happen to her is that she is going to progress in the future.
If you’re inspired by Jessica’s experience as an apprentice and you want to do an apprenticeship in Business Admin, Customer Service, IT, Digital Marketing, and Social Media, Team Leading, Health and Social Care and Management, please call KTG on 0203 020 1529 or email your CV to