Gabriel – An Apprentice Life

An Apprentice Life:

KTG have decided to have a series of blogs about how one of our Apprentices are finding the ‘Apprentice Life. The first apprentice that is going to express their ‘Apprentice Life’ is Gabriel Onafowokan, who works for us (KTG) as a Business Development Apprentice.

What is your name? – Gabriel Onafowokan
How old are you? – 18
How long have you been doing your Apprenticeship? – I have been doing my apprenticeship for 5 months, I started on the September 26th.
How are you finding your Apprenticeship with KTG? – I have been finding my apprenticeship good and fun as it has allowed me to gain commercial skills and has also allowed me to enhance my creativity to full extend, which has brought results in the company.
What does your role ‘Business Development Apprentice’ involve?
My role involve myself managing the social media account and posting promotions about what we are offering, develop new Business with companies and organisation to use our KTG services, designing posters and going to meetings with the Business Development Manager to offer our services.
What skills have you enhanced during your Apprenticeship? – During my apprenticeship, I have enhanced my creativity with social media and Business Development with Businesses, I have also improved my communication skills face to face and on the phone. The results from enhancing my skills is that over the course 2 months I have develop new Business with many companies and organisation to work with our services.
Why did you decide to do an Apprenticeship instead of going University?
I decided to an apprenticeship instead of a university degree because as I wanted learn on the job skills, which was best for the career I wanted to go into, which was Digital Marketing and I realised that it better to do an apprenticeship for my career goals. Also, I didn’t want to waste 3 years studying and struggling to get a job after getting a degree and myself not going I don’t regret it because I have developed a lot as a person whilst doing an apprenticeship and the only way is up for me.
Would you be recommending anyone from the age of 16 -24 to do an apprenticeship?
I recommend anyone from the age of 16 – 24 to do apprenticeship because it develops a young person professionalism, skills and personality as it go into the world of work while doing a qualification. I also recommend it as it provides a fast track to reach your career goal.
Thank You

As you can see Gabriel is enjoying his apprenticeship and the way it looks for him is that he is only thing that is going to happen to him is that he is going to progress in the future.
If you are inspired by Gabriel’s experience as an apprentice and you want to do an apprenticeship in Business Admin, Customer Service, IT, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Team Leading, Health and Social Care and Management, please call KTG on 0203 020 1529 or email your CV to