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I’m sure that there are things that you want to do, but perhaps you don’t know how to get started. Maybe there is some sort of self-doubt, uncertainty, lack of confidence, negative thoughts and anxiousness. Believe me, I’ve been there before and I know these feelings too well.

This is exactly how I felt a few months before I launched my coaching business. At the time of wanting to start my business, I was a new mum and I had just moved into a new flat. This meant that there were so many things happening all at once. All of these life events coupled with the emotional changes of just having a baby allowed the doubts to creep in.

I knew I had the skills but I kept talking myself out of it, my excuses were endless to the point that I would laugh at myself because I knew my excuses were getting ridiculous. But here’s the thing, having such feelings doesn’t do us any good. A lack of confidence and self-esteem can hold you back from many things, e.g from starting that business that you’ve always wanted to start, building your career or simply having a good time meeting others at a networking event.

I’m going to share with you my top 3 tips that I used to build my confidence which ultimately allowed me to launch a business that I love. However, before I get started on the ways you can develop your confidence and self-esteem, let’s take a look at what exactly is confidence and self-esteem.


Confidence is a state of mind and it can either be how you approach a situation or how you deal with something. Confidence is the ability to believe in what you are capable of, feeling assured and having faith that you can do something or be a certain way. It is the ability of not holding on and letting go of any unhelpful thoughts, feelings and perceptions. It’s also knowing that you can handle uncertain outcomes that a new situation may present.


Self Esteem

Self Esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. It is how we see our own value to the world, how valuable we believe we are to others. This includes the thoughts we have about ourselves, our ability, the type of person we think we are and our expectations. Having little self-belief can stop you from living the life you want to live and prevents you from living your full potential. Unfortunately, there tend to be deep-rooted negative beliefs which we accept as ‘facts’, and in reality, these beliefs are simply opinions and perceptions we hold of ourselves.

Confidence is about realising and actualising your potential and Self Esteem is realising that any negative opinion that you hold of yourself are not facts but mere perceptions.

Yes you can

Here are my Top 3 practical steps to building your Confidence and Self-Esteem:

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are short simple statements that are used to bring forth your subconscious thoughts into the conscious. It is you taking control of your way of thinking. Affirmations are simple sentences that people use to describe how that want to be. This is done in a way that affirms that something is already true or on its way of becoming true.

Positive affirmations can be repeated in order to change the way you feel about yourself and/or your current situation. Saying affirmations are done with the aim that you will eventually reach the change that you are affirming.

Affirmations can help you overcome self-sabotaging negative thoughts. They help you to visualise and believe in what you’re affirming to yourself, saying positive affirmations regularly can allow you to start making positive changes in your life.

Here are some examples of affirmations that you could say to boost your confidence in business:

  • Everyday and in every way I am becoming more confident in myself and by my actions’
  • I am worthy of success
  • I am a great leader
  • I am creating a successful business
  • I am confident in any situation
  • Positive thinking comes naturally to me
  • I am creating a successful business’


Another way you can increase your confidence and self-esteem is to think about your strengths. You need to identify the negative beliefs that you have about yourself and then challenge them. Be more mindful of these negative thoughts and reprogramme your way of thinking. You can do this by reflecting on your past as well as the present and make a list of your achievements and accomplishments. This can be related to your career, academics or something specific like joining the gym or giving up fizzy drinks. Make an achievement log and spend time each week reflecting on the success you’ve already had! Be grateful for what you have achieved.


I know it can be very tempting to look at what other people are doing, however, a great way to boost your confidence is to think about what you’re good at instead of thinking about what another person is good at. Find your own niche. Often, when we compare ourselves to others, it’s usually unfair or exaggerated as we do not know the full picture of what is going on in another person’s life. It is important to know that your worth comes from within rather than from external factors.

You are unique and there is only one of you, this means that no one will be able to do what YOU do. It’s time to start embracing your individuality, your uniqueness is what makes you special and it’s worth embracing. You have so much value just by being yourself.

Overall, building confidence and self-esteem doesn’t happen overnight but with the tips, you are well underway on your journey of building up your confidence.

I hope you’ve found inspiration within this blog and if you’re really ready to re-focus and boost your confidence in any business setting, myself and Curl The Narrative have teamed up with a few professionals to help YOU out. Join us for our proactive ‘Confidence to Build your Business Workshop’, get your questioned answered and get clear guidance on how to gain confidence to grow your business. This is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and start living the life you know you deserve. How much longer are you willing to wait for your success.

The workshop is sponsored by KTG (Knowledge through Growth). KTG is a Community Interest Company that is dedicated to supporting individuals to develop their skills and achieve their career aspirations.

Workshop Details:

Date: 22nd July 2018
Location: London
Objective: For entrepreneurs who are ready to build confidence to boost their business.
Event Link:


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